Training Tools

Title Description Medium Language
Institutional Engagement Tool Institutional Engagement Tool - Hindi Print Hindi
Gender division of Work and Decision Making Gender division of Work and Decision Making - Hindi Print Hindi
Entitlements of Women Farmers Entitlements of Women Farmers - Hindi Print Hindi
Hamare Hakk Hamari Pechan Participatory Tools on Gender and Livelihoods Print Hindi
Women Farmer's : Rights and Identity Participatory Tools on Gender and Livelihoods Print English
ANANDI witch branding and police response: case study from ANANDI GUJARAT 2014 Study of 2 Districts and 18 Police stations, where cases have been listed by women branded as witches. Print English
Navo Suraj Work done by women in Panchmahal , detailing the way to history of the organisation Print Gujarati
Aak Danglu Aagal Deatails of Work done by Saurastra mahila mandal Print Gujarati
Saman Awasarni Khojme, Mahila ane Swashasan Details of women power in Panchayti raj as per our experience with example Print Gujarati
Swasahay --- mahila Swachatano Marg Book detailing of Togetherness to Savings & independence Print Gujarati
Navi Kshitij Book detailing women in role of watershed management Print Gujarati
Saptrang Fortnightly magazine with easy language for women to read & enjoy Print Gujarati
Swashasan Ni Kediye Women’s Experiences in Governance Print Gujarati
Devgadhno Rankar (Audio Cassete) Work started by Adivasi dominated area women of Panchmahal, & various programme conducted by them. Audio Gujarati
Beyond the Threshold (Video Cassette) Work done by women in earthquake rehabilitation, recorded (English & Gujarati Versions) Video Gujarati/ English
Be Tank Na Rotla Challenges to Food Security Video Magazine Gujarati
Karya Aankh Ada Kaan Men nad women’s perceptions on Practice of Bigamy in Video Magazine Gujarati
Mahila Bani Malik Training Modules for Rural Women’s Entrepreneurship Video Gujarati
Sangaath Practices to promote participation of the disabled in MNREGA Video Gujarati
Gender Budgeting and Analysis Skill Workshop Using gender budgeting as a tool of women’s empowerment Video Report Gujarati/ English
Oral Testimonies of Tribal Women in India Gender Perspectives on Livelihood Transitions in Gender relations and Actions for Change Video English
A field of One’s Own – Leelo Shedho Tribal Women’s Narratives on challenges and success stories arounf land ownership Video English/Gujarati
Adivasi Mahilao ke Sangharsh aur Chunotiya A report on western region consultation Video Hindi
Gender Sensitive Governance Through ICTs Documents journey, struggle and impact of rural women using video, voice messages, GPS for governance Video English/Gujarati