About Our Logo

Inspired by the traditional art form of India the new symbol of ANANDI has multiple layers of meanings.

The figures coming together in a Fibonacci's spiral of life protect an embryo. The spiral that is formed from the logo is the symbol of growth. All life forms in nature grow in that particular spiral shape, be it a twig with leaves or a seashell. The embryo Iike the title signifies — the new dawn for which we are collectively working towards.

The triangles moving both inwards and outwards depict the way Anandi works. We come together with all our energies to spread it out further. The human figures joining hands show the symbiotic relationship we are all in, helping each other grow and prosper.

The symbol signifies that we are a mix not a melting pot. Each of us come together with a varied backgrounds yet do not loose are individuality. In fact our individuality gets highlighted in a group, with multiple talents and capabilities joining force.

The symbol speaks of our vitality and dynamism, the energy of which is felt in the collective struggle to bring a positive change.