ANANDI has published material in different media - print, audio and video. The publications cater to a variety of audience – academicians, peers, communities, policy makers. Publications include training modules, analytical reports, songs, success stories, policy critiques, documentation of significant events. The publications are mostly in English and Gujarati and a few in Hindi.

Some of the key papers/reports that ANANDI has put out as co-authors and independently are mentioned here

1 Understanding Women’s Experiences in Natural Re source Management – published by Aga Khan Foundation – to document the pioneering work of mainstreaming women in natural resource management projects and then applying these lessons to field based projects supported by AKF. (2001).
2 Participatory Action Learning System ( PALS) : Impact Assessment for Civil Society Development and Grassroots- Based Advocacy in ANANDI – Linda Mayoux with ANANDI in Journal of International Development 17. 211-244 (2005).
3 An Engagement with Empowerment Approach to Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security – Research Study by ANANDI and TISS. Supported by ICRW. ( 2005)
4 Food Insecurity in Gujarat – Sejal Dand and Sujoy Chakravarty – Economic and Political Weekly, Vol- XLI No. 22, June -03- (2006)
5 “The Practice of Witch Hunting: Recording the Voices and oral Testimonies of Adivasi Women”- By Subhalakshmi Nandi and Sejal Dand ANANDI ( 2006)
6 Women Farmers: Land Rights and Livelihoods Preliminary Results from a Study on Women Land owners and Cultivators Presented by Sejal Dand, ANANDI-WGWLO @National Consultation on Women’s Land Ownership, Ahmedabad 5, 6 August, (2010).
7 Living on the Margins – Prawn Harvester from Little Rann of Kutch ( An exploratory Study of Health Status)- Anagha Pradhan ( CEHAT) and Sumitra Thacker ( ANANDI)- (2011)
8 Women from indigenous communities researching food shortages: Towards methodological advancement of community research - Neeta Hardikar and Janki Andharia ; Paper in Community Research for Participation From Theory to Method Edited by Lisa Goodson and Jenny Phillimore, Policy Press at the University of Bristol, (2012)
9 Dalit Women’s Movement in India: Dalit Mahila Samiti – Jahnvi Andharia with ANANDI – Chapter in Changing Their World Concepts and Practices of Women’s Movements – By Srilatha Batliwala; AWID (2012).
10 Unpacking Social Protection from a Women’s rights lens By Sejal Dand;
11 ANANDI’s Work with Women Survivors – Compilation of 20 Women survivors from Morbi, Bhavnagar, Panchamhaals and Dahod (2014) ANANDI - Nipunika Thakur TISS
12 Community Organisation for Women’s Empowerment – (2014) ANANDI and Kyle Barrette Student - University of Conneticut and
13 Gender Justice Centres – Understanding Intersectionality in Gujarat: Challenging Patriarchal Institutional Structures (2014) – Nipunika Thakur – ANANDI.
14 Witch Branding and Police Response: Case Study from ANANDI Gujarat: Neeta Hardikar (2014)
15 Empowering Women in Agriculture: Closing the Gender Gap through MKSP – ANANDI – Policy Paper prepared for ACCESS Livelihood Summit 2014 New Delhi.