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ANANDI has published material in different media – print, audio and video. The publications cater to a variety of audience – academicians, peers, communities, policy makers. Publications include training modules, analytical reports, songs, success stories, policy critiques, documentation of significant events. The publications are mostly in English and Gujarati and a few in Hindi. Some of the key papers/reports that ANANDI has put out as co-authors and independently are mentioned here
  1. Understanding Women’s Experiences in Natural Re source Management – published by Aga Khan Foundation – to document the pioneering work of mainstreaming women in natural resource management projects and then applying these lessons to field based projects supported by AKF. (2001).

  2. Participatory Action Learning System ( PALS) : Impact Assessment for Civil Society Development and Grassroots- Based Advocacy in ANANDI – Linda Mayoux with ANANDI in Journal of International Development 17. 211-244 (2005).

  3. An Engagement with Empowerment Approach to Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security – Research Study by ANANDI and TISS. Supported by ICRW. ( 2005)

  4. Food Insecurity in Gujarat – Sejal Dand and Sujoy Chakravarty – Economic and Political Weekly, Vol- XLI No. 22, June -03- (2006)

  5. “The Practice of Witch Hunting: Recording the Voices and oral Testimonies of Adivasi Women”- By Subhalakshmi Nandi and Sejal Dand ANANDI ( 2006)

  6. Women Farmers: Land Rights and Livelihoods Preliminary Results from a Study on Women Land owners and Cultivators Presented by Sejal Dand, ANANDI-WGWLO @National Consultation on Women’s Land Ownership, Ahmedabad 5, 6 August, (2010).

  7. Living on the Margins – Prawn Harvester from Little Rann of Kutch ( An exploratory Study of Health Status)- Anagha Pradhan ( CEHAT) and Sumitra Thacker ( ANANDI)- (2011)

  8. Women from indigenous communities researching food shortages: Towards methodological advancement of community research – Neeta Hardikar and Janki Andharia ; Paper in Community Research for Participation From Theory to Method Edited by Lisa Goodson and Jenny Phillimore, Policy Press at the University of Bristol, (2012)

  9. Dalit Women’s Movement in India: Dalit Mahila Samiti – Jahnvi Andharia with ANANDI – Chapter in Changing Their World Concepts and Practices of Women’s Movements – By Srilatha Batliwala; AWID (2012).

  10. Unpacking Social Protection from a Women’s rights lens By Sejal Dand; http://anandiindia.org/Documents/Unpacking%20Social%20Protection%20from%20a%20Women%20Rights%20lens.pdf

  11. ANANDI’s Work with Women Survivors – Compilation of 20 Women survivors from Morbi, Bhavnagar, Panchamhaals and Dahod (2014) ANANDI – Nipunika Thakur TISS

  12. Community Organisation for Women’s Empowerment – (2014) ANANDI and Kyle Barrette Student – University of Conneticut and

  13. Gender Justice Centres – Understanding Intersectionality in Gujarat: Challenging Patriarchal Institutional Structures (2014) – Nipunika Thakur – ANANDI.

  14. Witch Branding and Police Response: Case Study from ANANDI Gujarat: Neeta Hardikar (2014)

  15. Empowering Women in Agriculture: Closing the Gender Gap through MKSP – ANANDI – Policy Paper prepared for ACCESS Livelihood Summit 2014 New Delhi. www.accessdev.org/downloads/Empowering-Women-in-Agriculture.pdf